About Us

The Charter School Growth Fund identifies the country’s best charter schools, funds their expansion, and helps to increase their impact. We are driven by a conviction that all children deserve great public schools in their communities.

Our Approach

As a national nonprofit, we make multi-year, philanthropic investments in talented education entrepreneurs building networks of great charter schools, and we provide them with support as they grow.

National Scope

We uncover the most promising charter schools in the country, regardless of where they are located.

To date, we have funded the expansion of charter networks across 26 states in a wide range of communities, ranging from Los Angeles and Nashville to rural Texas and the Mississippi River Delta.

Diverse Educational Approaches

We support schools that help students grow and excel.

The organizations in our portfolio serve all grade levels and range in size from one or two schools to as many as 50. They use a variety of traditional and innovative educational approaches, such as those based on science and technology, Montessori methods, foreign languages, and social-emotional learning.

Rigorous Selection

Data is critical to our decision-making.

We use an anonymous screening process to analyze schools’ academic performance relative to their peers. We carefully evaluate every organization’s academic record, leadership capacity, and financial health to ensure that it has a strong foundation on which to build.

Focus on Results

We tailor our financial support to help charter schools succeed.

Our large, multi-year investments include a mix of grants and low-interest loans tied to customized performance goals. We also make a small number of one-year grants to proven education leaders opening their first or second schools. Our continued support of a charter school network is based on its progress related to academics, enrollment growth, and financial sustainability.

Strategic Support

We want our portfolio members to meet their goals, and we support them in doing so.

One of the greatest benefits of being part of our portfolio is the opportunity to learn from innovative leaders tackling similar challenges. We coordinate meaningful learning opportunities and provide resources so charter school networks can build more effective organizations.

Portfolio Overview


CSGF-supported schools are providing more than 320,000 students with the high-quality education they deserve.


CSGF portfolio members operate a total of 744 charter schools throughout the country.


We have helped more than 60 charter school networks expand their impact on underserved students.


We have helped more than 40 early-stage networks open their first or second public charter school.

“A generation of innovation, autonomy, and entrepreneurship in the education sector has generated oases of success around the country. Now the challenge is greater: we must not just deliver pockets but systems of excellence where excellence is the rule and not the exception.”

– Mike Johnston, Colorado State Senator