Redefining what’s possible

We strive to help our charter schools and networks collectively grow to serve one million students within the next decade. In doing so, we believe these organizations will transform the lives of the students they serve and prove what is possible in public education.

Our Portfolio

CSGF has supported a portfolio of the nation’s leading public charter school networks since 2005. These nonprofit organizations typically serve a high number of low-income and minority students, and many of them operate schools that are among the highest-performing public schools in their cities and states.

While some portfolio members are large and serve over 10,000 students, we are also committed to helping single-site charter schools and small networks successfully navigate the process of scaling their impact. More than 70% of the networks that we have helped to scale over the past 15 years served less than 1,000 students when we first supported them. In addition, we have committed nearly $20 million over the past six years to help more than 40 leaders of color open additional schools in their communities. To date, we’ve funded the growth of over 110 charter networks that serve nearly 500,000 students in 1,075 schools across 31 states.