Redefining what’s possible

We strive to help our charter schools and networks collectively grow to serve one million students within the next decade. In doing so, we believe these organizations will transform the lives of the students they serve and prove what is possible in public education.


Current Portfolio

CSGF has supported a portfolio of the nation’s leading public charter school networks since 2005. We seek to scale the impact of non-profit networks that give students from low-income backgrounds and students of color access to significantly better schools.

To date, we have made direct investments in more than 200 non-profit charter school networks to help grow and scale over 1,600 high-performing schools that serve over 725,000 students across 32 states, DC, and Puerto Rico. We are committed to helping entrepreneurial leaders – whether they are replicating their charter school for the first time or leading a network that serves more than 10,000 students – successfully navigate the challenges of growth.