Our Portfolio

We support a "portfolio" of the nation’s leading charter school networks. These organizations run some of the top schools in their cities and states and are redefining what is possible in America's public schools.


National Fund

We established a National Fund in 2005 to accelerate the growth of the nation's best charter schools. The charter school networks in this fund are non-profit organizations that operate multiple schools and are opening more schools each year. Approximately 20% of the Fund supports next generation schools that are pioneering new ways to personalize learning to improve student outcomes.

Emerging CMO Fund

The Emerging CMO Fund is designed to increase the number of excellent charter school networks led by entrepreneurs with backgrounds similar to those of the students and families they serve. We support high-performing charter schools that have the potential to become networks of two to five schools through this Fund. Please email emergingcmo@chartergrowthfund.org for more information.