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A movement to reimagine public schools in the South.

RePublic Schools

“I want to prove to everybody that I can be more than what people think I should be. I’m trying to show them that I can make a difference in my community.”

– Trey, student at Nashville Prep

“The bond I have with these kids is unlike anything I’ve ever known. I love to watch them grow, to see I’m making a difference in their lives, and to see they’re enjoying the learning process.”

– Ms. Nicole Crew, teacher at Nashville Prep

“When you enter Liberty, you feel important. As soon as teachers enter the classroom, they say, ‘I am here for you. And I will not leave this classroom until you get that.’”

– Liliana, student at Liberty Collegiate Academy

“The teachers at Nashville Prep go out of their way to help me when I struggle. They care about getting us ready for college. When I graduate, I’m going to go to UCLA.”

– Alex, student at Nashville Prep

RePublic Schools is leading a movement to provide all students, regardless of race, socioeconomic status, or ZIP code, an extraordinary public education in the South. The catalyst of this movement? Computer programming.

RePublic was founded on the belief that digital literacy is the key to dismantling historic barriers to equality in the South. RePublic’s unique curriculum introduces computer programming to students in 5th grade and continues teaching and building upon this foundation until high school graduation. Each student will graduate with programming abilities that rival those of an entry-level programmer, before even stepping foot on a college campus.

Digital literacy is the key to dismantling historic barriers to equality in the South RePublic’s first schools opened in Metro Nashville Public Schools (MNPS). According to a report released by the Tennessee Charter School Center in 2013, only one in seven public school seats in the district is considered high quality.

In contrast, RePublic students receive an excellent public education and have outperformed the district and state in nearly every subject every year since the organization was launched in 2011. In 2014, RePublic’s Nashville Prep and Liberty Collegiate Academy performed in the top 5% of open-enrollment public schools in Tennessee in academic growth and absolute performance, making them the first charter schools to accomplish this in Tennessee history.

Nashville Prep and Liberty Collegiate Academy were recognized in the top 5% of open-enrollment public schools in Tennessee Nashville Academy of Computer Science, RePublic’s third school, opened last year, and RePublic High School and Reimagine Prep will welcome their first students this fall. Reimagine Prep will be the first public charter school in the state of Mississippi.

RePublic’s success extends beyond students to parents and communities. RePublic uses grassroots community organizing tactics to build neighborhood teams of parents that empower other community members to unite and use their voices to shape public education in the South. In 2015 alone, RePublic parents in Nashville have made nearly 530 “touchpoints,” public actions advocating for high-quality educational options for all students. Two parents of RePublic students ran for the Metro Nashville Public Schools Board of Education in the summer of 2014; one successfully unseated the former Chair of the Board.

Ravi Gupta, founder of RePublic Schools, is proud of all that RePublic has accomplished. Reflecting on the network’s academic success and community impact, he says, “RePublic’s jaw-dropping achievements—representative of thousands of kids, families, and educators locking arms to defy the odds—are changing the conversation about what is possible in public education right now.”

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CSGF’s Financial Support of RePublic Schools

CSGF made a large, multi-year commitment to RePublic Schools to help the organization add six new schools and enroll 3,635 more students in Tennessee and Mississippi.

“CSGF’s financial investment has been integral to our ability to expand and scale our model to reach more deserving scholars across the South. But equally important has been CSGF’s focus on ensuring RePublic grows across regions in a way that preserves the quality and integrity of our approach. We don’t know where we would be without their guidance and support.”

–Ravi Gupta, Co-Founder & CEO