Our Results

As the nation’s best public charter schools grow and serve more students, they are helping to transform the lives of children and families.

The schools that we support enroll more than 320,000 students, of whom 79% are low-income and 94% are of color. They are making it possible for tens of thousands of students to be the first in their families to graduate from college.

Academic Results


More than three-quarters of the schools we support outperformed their districts in math or reading on state reading exams in 2014-15.


More than half of the schools in our portfolio are performing on par with or better than their states in math–closing achievement gaps with more affluent students.


More than 27,000 graduates of our portfolio schools have gone to college since 2007, a number we expect to grow tenfold within the next decade.


Alumni of the high schools that we support are typically four times more likely to graduate from college than the average low-income student.

Academic Highlights



Nearly two-thirds of our portfolio members ran just one or two schools when we invested in their growth. Many of them now operate five or more schools; some serve more than 10,000 students.


The charter school networks that we support opened more than 85 schools in the fall of 2015; more than one in four new charter schools that opened in their states.


CSGF-supported schools are serving more than 40,000 new students per year. This is comparable to the number of students served by entire school districts in cities such as Cleveland, Oakland, and Washington, D.C.


We project that CSGF portfolio members will serve more than one in three students in Denver, Memphis, and New Orleans within the next 10 years.

Growth Highlights

The number of students enrolled in the public charter schools that we support has increased more than 16-fold over the past decade. Within the next five years, our portfolio could serve half of a million students—more students than all but two school districts in the country.

Investing in Entrepreneurial Leaders

Since 2005, we have backed more than 90 entrepreneurial education leaders who are building sustainable networks of charter schools.

We support entrepreneurs in a variety of ways to maximize their impact on students and their families.

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“CSGF has developed screening methods that are highly predictive of an organization’s ability to produce high academic growth in their students as they replicate schools. [These groups] serve as exemplars for instructional and management quality.”

– Stanford University Center for Research on Education Outcomes (CREDO), Charter School Growth and Replication Volume II