Growing the nation’s best public charter schools

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The Charter School Growth Fund identifies the country’s best public charter schools, funds their expansion, and helps to increase their impact. We’re driven by a conviction that all children deserve great public schools in their communities.

I want all of our students to develop strong personalities and identities and to have the tenacity to reach their ultimate goals, however they may define them.
Charlene Reid, CEO, Excellence Community Schools

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What We Do

We provide funding and support to a community of school leaders who seek to grow and serve more students, whether they are expanding from one to two schools, or building a network of many schools.

  • Equitas Academy Charter Schools

    We identify leaders like Malka Borrego.

    Malka founded Equitas Academy in her own Pico-Union neighborhood in own Los Angeles to provide students with an achievement-oriented learning environment that features music, dance, art, public speaking, and foreign languages. We are helping to support Malka’s vision to someday serve 20% of students in the Pico-Union community.

  • Noble Network of Charter Schools

    We invest in the growth of school networks like Noble.

    Noble's mission is to be a catalyst for educational equity in Chicago that empowers students with the scholarship and honor necessary to succeed in college and beyond. Since 2005, CSGF has helped Noble grow from one to 17 schools and become a national leader on how to best support first-gen college students.

  • Valor Collegiate

    We support innovative school models like Valor Collegiate.

    Valor Collegiate's leaders are committed to developing “sharp minds, big hearts” within a diverse community of learners in Nashville. From inception, we invested in the growth of Valor’s schools and helped the network codify its groundbreaking Compass human development model to share with schools around the country.