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The below resources are meant to help leaders “cut through some of the noise” as they figure out how to serve their students and families effectively during school closures. We will continue to update this page with the resources that we think are most relevant.


I See You. I Care. How Can I Help You Grow?
How can we foster the critical teacher-student interactions that we know drive motivation in a classroom – but can be tricky to replicate when remote? Here’s how Achievement First leveraged Zaretta Hammond’s framework for culturally responsive, asset-based feedback to support student learning.

Managing through Screens: Talent Practices for Leaders in this New (Virtual) Reality
In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, managers (and employees) in public schools everywhere are moving into remote roles for the first time. Here’s how great networks are helping managers learn to lead in this new (virtual) reality.

Rapid Deployment: Getting Technology to Students and Families
With remote learning ramping up across the country, public schools are deploying laptops and other technology to students and families. Here are some tips from great organizations to get this done quickly and safely.

One Week In: Rocketship’s Reflections on Remote Learning
It’s been one week since Rocketship Public Schools launched distance learning. Despite the short turnaround, all 9,634 students are engaged and learning online. Here’s what they’ve learned about effective remote instruction.

When Days Become Weeks: Building Blocks for Strong Remote Learning
In mere days, public schools are going from executing contingency plans to embracing remote learning solutions for a longer haul. Here are a few actionable elements we’ve seen as great organizations plan for the “new normal.”

Approaches to Instruction During School Closure
In the midst of unprecedented school closures, we’ve curated some high-quality instructional resources that public schools are using to navigate these murky educational waters on behalf of students.

First Steps Into Virtual Instruction: Advice From a Pioneer
Gem Prep has run high-performing online and “brick and mortar” public schools for almost a decade. Here’s their powerful advice for other educators taking their first steps into virtual learning.


To create a virtual community of practice, school and network leaders can upload and peruse high-quality resources.
While CSGF cannot attest to the accuracy or quality of all of these resources, we hope that this will be a helpful place to crowdsource resources during a dynamic situation.

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