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Jean De la Mata
Vice President, Project Management

As our VP of Project Management, Jean is developing a more formal project management capacity within CSGF’s Strategy/Investor Relations team that will ensure consistent, effective practices in project management across key CSGF convenings, events, large-scale initiatives, and technology projects. This new role is focused primarily on creating valuable systems in the early years of our current fund, Fund IV, that can scale with time. Most recently, Jean led our Talent Team for nearly four years, directing hiring, culture and DEI initiatives, and HR functions. Her first role at CSGF included supporting the CEO and Investor Relations team on a variety of projects and key responsibilities. Prior to CSGF, Jean worked at Denver Public Schools as associate director in the academic and innovation office. Prior to that appointment, she served as vice president of organizational effectiveness at the Colorado Education Initiative. In that role, she was responsible for leading the project management office, talent development, and strategic plan monitoring. Jean has also spent time in the private sector in investment banking, management consulting, and corporate finance. She has an MBA from the University of Michigan and a BA from Princeton University.

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