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Seed Grant Opportunity

CSGF Seed invests in growing, early-stage charter school networks that create the conditions for students to have choice-filled lives. Since 2013, through our Seed strategy, we have invested $80M+ in over 100 charter school leaders to expand their impact and serve more students and families in their communities. The Seed Grant is designated to strengthen the foundations of early-stage charter organizations and to provide them with catalytic resources for growth as they expand their impact in the communities they serve.

The Seed Grant is for founding leaders who want to launch a new school or leaders seeking to expand or replicate operating high-performing public charter schools. The Seed Grant provides funding, resources, and supports as they open more schools.

Our portfolio members typically share the following traits:

Academic Excellence
Ambition to Grow
Strong Leadership Committed to Underserved Students
Commitment to Financial Sustainability

SEED Application 2024 Cycle Dates

Application Opens
October 1, 2023
Application Closes
December 1, 2023

Eligibility Criteria

The Seed Grant is specifically for early stage charter school organizations that are interested in growing to increase opportunities for students in their community.

All applicants must:

  1. Be a non-profit charter school, or opening a non-profit charter school,
  2. Be located in the United States or US territory, and
  3. Must be opening a new school or replicating a school site serving at least 250 students by Fall 2025.

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What Makes a Strong Application

Start Early

We strive to make our application as straightforward as possible; however, we do require a variety of data and information that may take time to compile. We have found that candidates that begin their applications more than two weeks in advance of the deadline are able to submit timely and high quality applicants. The format of our application requires applicants to download templates and answer several essay questions. Please note, you need to fill out the first two templates to be able to access the remainder of the application.

Tell your story

We have designed this application process with school leaders in mind. In the essay section we want to hear the unique story of your school and the leadership journey that brings you to this work. Therefore, the ideal author of the essays is the school leader, writing in their authentic voice.

Read directions thoroughly and Ask Questions

Read through the directions thoroughly to ensure your answers are responsive. All of our templates have term definitions and directions listed on the first tab. Please use that first tab as your reference guide.

Questions are welcomed. Feel free to email us at [email protected] or join one of our available office hours.

Seed Application FAQ

If you currently meet the eligibility requirements, we welcome reapplications. We do have applicants that are successful after reapplying in subsequent years.

Charter approval is not required, when applying for a grant, but we encourage you to be on track with a clear timeline towards approval.

We encourage schools to apply when they are first eligible. You do not need to have facilities finalized at the time of application.

Congratulations on your approval! Our partnership and grant process is heavily focused on the school leader. We ask that the school leader be the lead applicant. Please apply when you have identified a school leader.

If you are entering your planning year (one year before opening), the grant will be for $250,000. Otherwise, grants range from $250,000 to $750,000 based on the size of your growth.

We believe that school leaders are best positioned to determine how to best use the grant. Our funds can be used for operational (non-facility) costs.

We accept applications from all 50 states and U.S. territories.

No. Only charter schools can apply for this grant opportunity.

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