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The Charter School Growth Fund is looking to support educational leaders and entrepreneurs who want to grow their high-performing charter schools.

What We Offer


As a national nonprofit organization, we provide philanthropy that helps promising charter networks expand by opening new schools.

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We work alongside charter school entrepreneurs to help them navigate the challenges of growth.

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We build a collaborative community among the nation’s foremost charter leaders, and coordinate meaningful opportunities for them to learn from one another.

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Emerging CMO Fund

We are looking to support more leaders of color who want to expand the impact of their high-performing charter schools.

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Who We’re Looking For

We support nonprofit organizations that run some of the top charter schools in their communities and are redefining what is possible in America’s public schools. Our portfolio members typically share the following traits:


They have had strong academic performance for multiple years and are helping their students create bright futures for themselves.


They want to expand their impact by opening more schools. Many of the organizations we support seek to open 3-4 more schools over a 5-year period.


Their schools will be able to operate on public funding and will not require significant philanthropy when they finish growing.


Their leadership teams have the skills and expertise needed to accomplish their ambitious goals. Learn more about the impact of our portfolio on our Results page.

Application Process

  1. Connect


    Provide us with basic information by completing the brief questionnaire below. We will contact you if we are interested in learning more about your organization.

  2. Academic Screen

    1-2 Weeks

    After an initial conversation, a separate team of evaluators will review your organization’s academic data and compare it to that of other schools in your region.

  3. Relationship Building

    1-6 Months

    We will get to know you and your organization’s vision and help you develop a viable plan to grow.

  4. Investment

    3-4 Years

    We provide grants and low-interest loans to help you open new schools and increase your impact.


Please fill out this brief form and we will get in touch with you if we are interested in learning more.

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