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Crib from IDEA Public Schools' playbook to communicate monthly priorities and provide resources to school operations teams to ensure alignment across your organization.
How KIPP Bay Area Schools recruits great teachers.
Learn from a meeting of instructional leaders from over 20 charter school networks to discuss how to shift English Language Arts programs to meet Common Core standards.
Successfully navigate the annual budgeting process by following these five simple tips and tricks.
How to pick the right HRIS for your organization.
CSGF's advice on whether to go the DIY route or work with an outside developer.
Jon Schwartz ran operations and finance at Achievement First. Listen to his advice on whether your network should put a high-powered operations director in every school.
Get clear on what great board treasurers do and don't do.
Commissioned by CSGF and the KIPP Foundation and written by Bain & Co., this playbook contains loads of practical advice on student recruitment and enrollment.

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