National Fund

We established the National Fund in 2005 to accelerate the growth of the nation’s best charter schools. The charter school networks in this fund are non-profit organizations that operate multiple schools and are opening more schools each year. They serve students in all grades and range in size from a single school to more than 70. To date, we’ve funded the growth of over 68 charter networks that serve nearly 420,000 students in 980 schools across 28 states.

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Valor Collegiate Academies
Q&A with Valor CEO Todd Dickson
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Next Generation Investments

Through our next generation investment strategy, we help launch and grow schools that use innovative approaches to solve complex problems in education. We use approximately 20% of the National Fund to support networks that are personalizing learning and opening one or more new schools. A selection of these organizations are featured below.

“We are providing our students with the foundation to pursue opportunities in the highest-demand fields that will drive our country’s economic growth.”

Bill Kurtz, CEO, DSST Public Schools