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Our Values

We work hard to demonstrate our five core values in all of our interactions with one another and the organizations we support.


    We strive for excellent work and set high standards for ourselves and our teammates.


    We enjoy working hard and thrive in ambiguous environments that require adaptability and self-motivation. We take calculated risks, embrace innovative and diverse ideas, seek feedback from others, and learn from our mistakes.


    We hold ourselves and our teammates to the highest ethical standards. We make and keep commitments and are truthful, fair, and trustworthy.


    We appreciate the challenges faced by education entrepreneurs. We recognize the limits of our own knowledge and continuously seek to learn from others.


    We are team players who value our teammates as individuals. We sacrifice individual interests and recognition for a greater collective impact.

“It is a privilege to interact with such talented entrepreneurs. Their vision is often a culmination of their life’s work and a very personal extension of their character, morals, and ambition. I am humbled every day by this work.”