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An intriguing piece from Kathleen Porter-Magee who suggests that we tend to valorize teacher "freedom" and "creativity" over things like proven curricula, which she argues are too frequently perceived as a constraint on teacher autonomy but may be the surest path to getting results.
Learn from a meeting of instructional leaders from over 20 charter school networks to discuss how to shift English Language Arts programs to meet Common Core standards.
Over the past decade, Success Academy has built a bold new approach to K–12 schooling. Dive into its open source instructional resources to discover how Success is ahead of the curve.
Achievement First believes in learning and sharing from others. Download and use its open source materials.
Brooke Charter Schools believe that great teaching closes the achievement gap. Check out its open source instructional resources to learn more about the practices behind its outstanding results.
How do education leaders manage clusters of schools as their networks grow? Find out here.