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Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

At CSGF, we are driven by the conviction that all students deserve access to high-quality public schools and the opportunity to pursue their dreams. We have an unwavering belief in the abilities of the students we are privileged to serve.

We know that entrepreneurial leaders who create excellent public charter schools are a critical part of realizing our vision, and we seek to scale their impact on behalf of students and our nation. As part of our mission, we believe it is important to elevate the voices and perspectives of people of color, first-generation college graduates, and individuals from low-income backgrounds, who share similar experiences with the students, families, and communities served by many of the charter schools in our portfolio.

We believe that diverse perspectives across our team, portfolio, board, and funders make us more effective in expanding the impact of high-quality public schools. We commit to intentionally building that diversity and creating inclusive environments in which individuals can contribute their best and share different viewpoints.

Over the next decade, we seek to identify the nation’s best charter school networks and entrepreneurs, fund their growth, and increase their impact. As we do so, we commit to increase the number and diversity of people dedicated to this work by supporting portfolio alumni and entrepreneurial leaders who grew up in communities similar to those in which their charter schools are located. We will use our talents, networks, and influence to create more opportunities for these leaders, schools, and communities to thrive.

“It is a privilege to interact with such talented entrepreneurs. Their vision is often a culmination of their life’s work and a very personal extension of their character, morals, and ambition. I am humbled every day by this work.”