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How IDEA Public Schools uses talent reviews to develop and retain its best educators... and future leaders.
Four lessons learned about implementing a new HRIS and performance management system.
How KIPP Bay Area Schools recruits great teachers.
The IDEA Principal-in-Residence program now trains 95% of their new school leaders. Lots of lessons learned…
"Do you think you're lucky?" and other interview gems from First Round Capital to maximize your hiring process and help you identify the highest performers.
Lessons from top charter school networks on how their talent teams organize recruiting.
Trying to figure out what data to track during your recruitment process this year?  LinkedIn highlights the top 12 metrics for any small to mid-sized organization.  
Becoming a manager is like no other professional experience. It requires gaining a whole new skillset incredibly fast. This list from First Round Capital will help you nail that transition
Linda Darling-Hammond and others debate just how worried we should be about teacher retention-and what we should do about it.  
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