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Personalized learning is the latest trend to catch the eye of tech moguls.  But does it work?  Hear what Mother Jones magazine has to see.
Is the portfolio model working? According to Chalkbeat, it's complicated.  But charter schools are a bright spot.  And school closures can help if there are better options.
Ednovate's valedictorian is going to Cornell.  "I'm very proud of my daughter," says her mom.  So are we.  
In 1989, college senior Wendy Kopp was trying to figure out how to improve American public schools. For her senior thesis, she proposed creating a national teaching corps that would recruit recent college grads to teach in underserved schools. One year later, she launched the nonprofit, Teach for America. Here the story as told to NPR's Guy Raz.
US kids spend more time in school (but probably less time studying) than their peers in Japan and North Korea.  And the real reason for summer break?  Hint: It's not farming say the folks over at The Atlantic.  
Hurricane Katrina upended many of this city’s customs and institutions---not the least of which was high school football.  The Hechinger Reports shines a light on why the city's charter school leaders are now reviving Friday night lights.
Venture capital firms don't invest in industries to disrupt-they invest in industry disruptors, and many now support them operationally. Foundations should consider following suit.
Alex Cortez from New Profit, a national nonprofit venture philanthropy fund, ballparks that for every $1 invested in educating and organizing parents, we see a "return" of $44 in educational proficiency,  
Becoming a manager is like no other professional experience. It requires gaining a whole new skillset incredibly fast. This list from First Round Capital will help you nail that transition
Reid Hoffman, co-founder of LinkedIn and a partner at the venture capital firm Greylock, talks to some of the most innovative entrepreneurs today to find out how they grew their companies into juggernauts. Mandatory listening.
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