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An interview with Irma Munoz, Chief Operating Officer of IDEA Public Schools, on their Healthy Kids Here initiative. If you ever wanted to be inspired by school lunches and exercise, this is it! Healthy Kids Here is an effort to move the entire school community to better health through food, exercise and wellness education.
Learn how KIPP DC and KIPP Baltimore are bringing students back to the classrooms.  See the PPT slides by clicking HERE.  
This webinar, co-led by Charter School Business Management and CSGF, tells you how to divide up finance work between network staff and school operations teams.
Featuring Ascend Public Charter Schools, this webinar is on Adaptive Insights and Intuitive Tek, a budgeting and forecasting system used by several leading charter operators across the CSGF portfolio
Featuring KIPP Bay Area Schools, this webinar is on Concur, an expense management solution used by several leading charter operators across the CSGF portfolio.
Featuring KIPP Houston, watch this webinar on Intaact and Clifton Larson Allen, an accounting system used by several top charter operators across the CSGF portfolio.
Jon Schwartz ran operations and finance at Achievement First. Listen to his advice on whether your network should put a high-powered operations director in every school.
This webinar, led by Fiscal Management Associates, teaches you how to craft a compelling financial story for your funders and other stakeholders.
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